A transparent image of a low-poly 3D mountain made by me, Terrell Turner. One side is illuminated by sunlight, the other side is lit by a peaceful green glow.

Hello! My name is Terrell. I'm a full stack web developer.

I use tools such as React, TypeScript, and Three.js to help build and grow your next project!

First off, I'm a huge nerd. Whether it's websites, 3D models, or video games, everything I love doing in life revolves around using my imagination and challenging myself. Flip through the cards below to learn more about me!
2024 Portfolio
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Black Intellect Daily
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I cover a wide range of areas such as content creation, marketing management, web development & design, as well as web hosting management. I bring an affordable, tailored approach to handling these critical components of your online presence so that you can concentrate on the big picture. Let's connect today!